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This page has all the information required to get you up and running with Triptease products as quickly and easily as possible.

What do we need from you?

To integrate with Triptease we need a single script to be placed across the full funnel of your website. It does not matter if the page is a page, or hotel vanity page, or hotel booking engine page - the same script works everywhere.

Your script tag

<script defer async crossorigin="anonymous" type="text/javascript"

Our recommended way of getting this script onto your page is via a tag manager (e.g. GTM).

Yes, the script can work with cookie banners. Here are the available options:

  1. Follow our consent mode guide to pass the user’s cookie choices to the Triptease script.
  2. If implementing the consent mode is not currently feasible for you (as it would require development work on your end), please contact Triptease. We can assess if your Consent Manager Provider is already supported or if we can add support.
  3. Failing that, it is recommended to add the Triptease script only when the user has given consent to Marketing/Advertising or all cookies.

We advise against choosing option 3. Please refer to the cookie banner for detailed information on why this option is not recommended.

Is the script GDPR compliant?

Yes, the script is GDPR compliant, provided you have chosen one of the three options listed above.

When should the script be added?

The script should be added as early as possible. It is designed to load asynchronously, which means it will not block the rendering of your page.

If the script has been wired up to receive user’s cookie choices (options 1 or 2 above), you don’t need to wait for the user to explicitly make a cookie choice before adding the script.

If you have chosen option 3 above, please ensure that a page reload is not required after the user has given consent for the script to be added.

Where should the script be placed?

The script should be placed towards the end of the <body> tag.

If your booking engine is in an iframe, the script should be placed in two places:

  1. On the parent page, towards the end of the <body> tag
  2. On the booking engine iframe, towards the end of the <body> tag

How should your content security policy be changed?

If you have a Content Security Policy (CSP) in place, you will need to add * to the script-src directive of Content-Security-Policy header.

This defines Triptease domain and subdomains as a trusted source for scripts and ensures that the Triptease script will not be blocked by the browser.

What does the script do?

The script performs the following tasks:

What data do we read?

We read the following information (if available)

What data do we never read?

We never read any sensitive information such as:

For more information head over to our help section on How Triptease collects and uses data.

What is the performance impact on my page?

We have specifically engineered our scripts with following principles mind:

You can use Google Lighthouse or Page Speed Insights to measure our impact. You should see a minimal change in score with or without our script.

What happens if my booking engine is not supported?

If your booking engine is not supported, please reach out to us, and we may be able to integrate with your booking engine. Alternatively, you can provide us the data we need using industry standard Structured Data.